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Why Should I Join NJTARS?

As an active political group in New Jersey, we are always looking for motivated teenagers with a passion for politics. There is no cost for membership and all we ask for is your dedication!

NJTARS is a great way to gain political experience while developing key connections that will help you later in life. Teenage Republicans get the opportunity to meet many candidates on the local, state and national levels and get close with many others working in the political field. Not only that, but TARS can capture the true essence of working on real campaigns which is extremely unique for people cannot vote yet. If you would like to find out how to get involved, please send us an email on the Contact page or email any of the Board Members on the About Page.

NJTARS will help you stand out on your college resume, even if your major is unrelated to politics. We are a nationally recognized organization by the National Teenage Republicans and the Republican Party. Membership shows admissions staff that you sincerely care about your community and that you are truly committed to getting involved. The leadership skills that you learn from TARS will prove invaluable in your life, so join today!

Chairman's Message

Thank you for being interested in the New Jersey Teenage Republicans!

We are honored to have the ability to lead this state during this very important election year and I am determined to enable this organization to reach new heights. I plan on increasing the number of members across New Jersey to the point where we have an organization affiliated with TARS in each New Jersey County so that no matter what part of the state you’re from, you can be involved. We want to have state conventions in the campaign off-season to encourage networking with prominent party members and leaders and entertain political discourse on the issues that are prevalent in today’s society and those that divide our party.

We hope you are as excited about the New Jersey Teenage Republicans as we are, and we look forward to seeing you at meetings and working together during campaigns!


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