New Jersey 
Teenage Republicans


Our mission is to provide opportunities for NJ teenagers to experience and influence the political process firsthand, and make new friends and connect with influential members of the Republican Party.

What is NJTARS?

NJTARS is the largest group of teen Republican volunteers in New Jersey and is recognized throughout the state, especially for its exceptional campaign work. The TARS have helped all of the following political campaigns

  • Chris Christie for Governor
  • John McCain for President
  • Rudy Giuliani for President
  • Mitt Romney for President
  • Chris Christie for President
  • Ted Cruz for President
  • Tom Kean Jr. for State Senate
  • Dozens of Congressional campaigns. 
  • Countless NJ Legislative campaigns.

NJTARS seeks to spark debate and political excitement among Republican youth in New Jersey and accepts ALL new and politically-enthusiastic members. Using our own experiences from a variety of campaigns as a guide, we invest youthful effort in local campaigns and coordinate youth outreach for assembly, state senate, and freeholder races.


The following link will send you to a copy of the bylaws to NJTARS last amended April 2013: